With emerging technologies such as E bikes and lithium ion batteries come dangers we are not all familiar with. Do not dispose of any of these batteries in the garbage. When they have an issue or “run away” the thermal properties these present are not like legacy fires we have had ever. As this modernization grows they will become more of a problem. FDNY has had close to 200 building fires already this year attributed to E bikes. Choose products that the UL has approved that has met standards.

More information is available on the EPA website



SINGLE-use Alkaline
Non-rechargeable alkaline batteries can be discarded with regular trash. These common, everyday batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-Volt) are found in many household items. They no longer contain mercury or other harmful heavy metals, so are no longer considered hazardous.


Cannot be disposed of with your regular trash! Please visit the websites below for further instruction.

Battery and Cellphone Recycling Locations 


Lead Acid

All Columbia County waste stations accept vehicle batteries for recycling. Per NYSDEC regulations the following requirements are for retailers and distributors.


Requirements for retailers and distributors:

●               Accept, free of charge, up to two used batteries per month from any individual, regardless of whether or not the individual purchases a new lead-acid battery.

●               Charge a $5 "NYS Return Incentive Payment" to a consumer purchasing a new lead-acid battery if the consumer does not return a used lead-acid battery at the time of such purchase. Retailers must refund the $5 return incentive payment to the consumer when they return a lead-acid battery within 30 days of the purchase of a new lead-acid battery. Retailers may legally keep unredeemed payments.


Consumers can look for RBRC battery collection boxes in Lowe’s stores across the U.S. Lowe’s will recycle all used portable rechargeable batteries commonly found in cordless electronics products such as: cordless power tools, cordless and cellular phones, two-way radios, laptop computers, electric toothbrushes, camcorders and handheld mini vacuums among many others.

These batteries are not to be discarded in your regular trash!