Food scraps are accepted at all Columbia County stations during regular operating hours.  Food scraps are to be free from garbage, including compostable bags, and can be put in the labeled 35 gallon containers located at all stations.

Acceptable scraps include:

Please NO plastic bags, compostable bags, napkins, paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, pet waste, diapers, K Cups, soil, rocks, branches, yard waste, plastic-coated containers, glass, metal, grease, and Styrofoam.

A tip to reduce and/or avoid odors: Freeze your food between trips.  You can use an empty bread bag, or use other temporary storage to freeze your food scraps and then dump the contents into the container at the station.  Plastic bags can be disposed of with the regular household garbage.

Food satisfies one of our most primitive needs and is the core of economic, social, health and environmental systems. Did you know that food sent to a landfill not only wastes nutrition and the resources used to grow, store, process and distribute it, but it also produces methane, which dramatically accelerates global warming.

According to the EPA, landfills contribute more than 14 percent of all U.S. methane emissions, and estimates that food waste is the most common material feeding our landfills. Even if our industry is responsibly capturing methane at landfills, reducing food in the waste stream presents a key opportunity to lower our carbon footprint.

Columbia County has implemented a pilot food waste scrap program to assist our residents and community in reducing the waste taken to the landfill.

The EcoRich in-vessel composter recycles the food waste on site, without odors or pest problems, while reducing the dependency on landfills.

Please take a moment to review the video below and the list of what can and cannot be accepted in our program.

Thank you for your interest and commitment in making a difference in our community!

Know your No's:  Please do not dispose of plastic bags or compostable bags with your food scraps.  

Plastic bags and compostable bags do not go through the grinder easily 

and do not break down at the same rate as the food scraps. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Administrative Office, 518-828-2737.