Effective October 2022: Small residential yard waste, which includes grass clippings, leaves, and twigs will be accepted at the Greenport Transfer Station located on Newman Road in the Town of Greenport will be charged a $5.00 minimum (additional $.03/pound). NO material will be accepted over 2 inches in diameter.  

PLEASE NOTE: NO PICK UP LOADS, TRAILER LOADS, OR DUMP TRUCK LOADS WILL BE ACCEPTED. There are many private companies located in Columbia County and surrounding areas that will accept larger loads of brush and yard waste. 

This decision was based on the volume of brush currently being accepted at the station and the fees associated with the proper handling and grinding of this material.  Unfortunately, the County will no longer be able to accept yard waste at no charge.

In accordance with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, we are required to meet certain criteria.  In order to meet these requirements, a fee needed to be imposed to help offset the growing cost to operate this site.

This disposal rate can be paid by personal check, punch card or money order at the time of disposal.  If you currently have a commercial account with our Administrative office, any associated fees will be applied to your monthly invoice.  If you do not currently have an account or would like further information regarding setting up an account, please contact our Administrative Office at 518-828-2737.


Large quantities must be brought to the Greenport Transfer Station. Please contact the station or the Solid Waste Administration Office at 518-828-2737 for further information pertaining to fees. *The current price per ton is $150.00.  There is a minimum charge of $20.00. 


Large quantities must be brought to the Greenport Transfer Station.  This includes Mixed loads, bulk waste, and any large amounts of municipal solid waste that is not bagged.  Large loads will be weighed and prorated at $150.00/ton.  There is a minimum charge of $20.00. 

Small residential quantities of municipal solid waste, that is not weighed at the Greenport Transfer Station, must be disposed of  in a Columbia County garbage bag.